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The perfect destination for your youth group retreats, conferences, or ministry trips is Branson!

Festivals, Workshops, Events

Dino’s EasterSpring Spectacular, Silver Dollar City’s Praise Weekend and Young Christians’ Weekend, Branson Fest, Fourth of July festivals galore, and national ministries’conferences in Branson…these are just a few samples of the unlimited opportunities available to you to further enrich and inspire your youth groups.

Planning youth trips around Branson’s numerous festivals, ministry activities, and special events is reason enough to come to town, but just wait, there is so much more…

The Historical Perspective

When you want to add a little history and culture to your activities, a trip to various museums in different cities, or even a trip to the White House for a tour is not feasible or cost effective. With your trip to Branson, you can do all of those things and more. While in town, take your youth group on a tour of historical events, people, and places that shaped this nation by visiting the WWII museum, the Veteran’s Memorial Museum, and the American Presidential Museum, where your youth will have a chance to stand in the Oval Office or Air Force One, without even leaving Branson. Another fun history lesson for young people…a choice of any of the shows on the “strip” that celebrate the themes and music of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s; Broadway, and America’s heritage.

Good Old-Fashioned, Natural Fun

Boat rentals, kayaking, swimming in the lake, cycling, nature walks, bird watching, water skiing, scuba diving, strolling downtown streets, sightseeing, sitting on the dock by the lake, and many other offerings to get in touch with nature in a special way. Explore any of the “natural” activities that don’t cost a thing.

White Water’s beach and rapids; Silver Dollar City’s rides, music, and shows; Grand Country Square’s water parks, Celebration City, Go-Kart rides, bumper boats, miniature golf, and super-size roller coasters. Good clean fun!

Call it a Night

Lodging options abound in Branson, and price ranges for groups are extremely affordable, with so much added value, when you consider all there is to do in one great location. Book your stay at one of the abundant motel choices, schedule your Youth Camp at one of Branson’s fantastic lake resorts, seek a quiet Lodge or cabin retreat and swap inspirational stories around the fire or at your lakeside cookout.

Show Us The Town!

Don’t forget that a trip to Branson wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the heart of Branson…the shows! With over 80 daily shows to choose from, there is literally something for everyone. From illusion with exotic animals, comedy that tickles your funny bone, and variety shows that leave you inspired; to vocal ranges low to high, dance numbers that make you breathless, and country music legends up close and personal. That’s Branson entertainment!

Sacred Sundays – There are a handful of choices for Sunday worship in various theatres around town. So you won’t be without a chance to worship while away from home, even though inspiration and Christian fellowship are present no matter what day you come.

Unlike other vacation destinations that boast of all-night entertainment, you can feel safe venturing out at night in Branson and letting your youth groups travel around town on their own. This is not a southern “Spring Break” vacation like you see on TV…this is a dependable, friendly town that caters to the welfare of its visitors.

Get the plans rolling and head for Branson soon! While you are here, take time to enjoy the pleasures of today, but also venture back to simpler days when friends and neighbors welcomed you – all in Branson – a place where God, family, and country are celebrated and old-fashioned values prevail. Now that’s a great place for your next youth group retreat.

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